10 Coolest 3D Printed Phone Holders

Need a good way to mount or hold your phone? Before you spend an unnecessary amount of money on a cheap Chinese phone stand on Amazon, consider 3D printing one.

3D printing a phone stand both saves you money and gives you many unique options that you’d never find online or in a store.

My favorite design is this modular phone stand because it works with a variety of devices, including phones and cameras, and there are many available attachments that go with it. Personally, I’m in love with the articulating arm and the table vice mount, as they’re perfect for taking mini photo shoots at my desk.

If you want a phone stand that’s more portable, this keychain option and this foldable stand are two spectacular designs that work well with any phone. And, if you just need a plain, old phone stand, this simplistic option should get the job done!

Want to see some more of the best 3D printed phone holders? Just keep reading!

3D Printed Phone Holders

In the sections below, I’ve gone over ten different 3D printable phone holders. Each design is unique, offering a different special feature or look that I know you’ll love!

1. Modular


First up, we have this modular phone holder. This option is easily the most versatile phone holder on the list due to the many community-made attachment designs that expand the phone holder’s usability.

The actual phone holder itself consists of a vice-like grip with an adjustable screw for changing the holding area. This mechanism makes the phone holder compatible with basically any phone, as well as other devices like cameras and headphones.

The vice grip mechanism also has a versatile mounting system, which allows you to attach the phone holder to a plethora of different mounts and assemblies. For example, the designer made an articulated arm that’s super useful for holding your phone in the perfect position. There’s also a tripod-like base that you can use for holding your phone in a stationary position.

On top of the attachments, the designer provided, though, there are literally hundreds of additional designs made by the community. These additional designs expand the compatibility and usability of this modular phone holder, and you can find them in the Remix section of the Thingiverse page.

So, if you need a very versatile phone mount or especially want an articulated phone holder arm, then definitely check this project out!

2. Keychain


Need a portable phone holder? This keychain option is perfect for positioning your phone in the right position on the go, whether you’re on a train or at work.

The keychain has a keyring hole so you can attach it to your car keys or backpack. And the keychain has a fairly large gap where you can wedge your phone inside to prop it in the right position.

Due to its simplistic approach, this keychain phone holder can work with any phone or tablet as long as it can fit through the gap in the part. Sadly, though, because the keychain is just propping your phone in a certain position, there’s no real way to adjust the position or angle of the phone.

As for printing, it should be super easy to make this keychain phone holder as the design contains no complex area and no overhangs. As such, you can print the model with basic slicer settings and no supports.

3. Simple


If you just need a no-feature phone stand that you can use to position your phone while you’re sitting at your desk, then this simplistic 3D printable phone stand is for you. This phone stand is as simple as you can go, and it’s basically just a shelf for holding your device.

While the designer states that the phone stand was meant to fit the iPhone 6, as long as the side of your phone can fit in the slot, you should be fine. I have an iPhone SE 2nd gen, and it works perfectly! If you have a really thick phone case, though, it might not work.

This phone stand also has a gap through the middle so you can charge your phone while it rests on the stand. It’s not a cutting-edge feature, but it’s nice to have!

The only downside I see about this phone stand is that it requires supports for printing, which isn’t that big a deal but does make the post-printing process a bit more annoying.

4. Mechanical Quick Grab


Want a phone stand that will blow your mind? This mechanical quick-release option is sure to do the trick.

The phone stand is made up of twenty 3D printed parts, including the frame, bolts, and even some gears. You’ll also need a spring, and the designer suggests getting one from this relatively-inexpensive kit.

All of these parts assemble to form a quick-release mechanism that essentially grabs your phone once it’s dropped into the lip of the phone stand. You can check the image above to see what I’m talking about, or you can look at the videos of the phone holder in action on the project page.

The quick-release mechanism works with basically any phone, as long as it’s skinny enough to fit inside the lip of the grabber pieces.

Unfortunately, though, due to the size of the gear rack in the mechanism, this phone stand only works for holding phones horizontally. But if you’re planning on using the phone stand for watching videos or movies, then this works out perfectly!

5. Wall Outlet Shelf


If you’ve ever tried to charge your phone on an inconvenient wall outlet, then this is the perfect phone stand for you. This wall outlet shelf holds your phone right at the wall outlet, so you don’t have to worry about dangling your expensive device from the charging wire.

This specific model is meant to fit into the wall adaptor part of your phone charger, and there’s basically a mini shelf where you can rest your phone (anyone works) while it charges.

While not all wall adaptors will fit in this model, you can always try downloading the design and modifying its dimensions so that it fits your hardware.

6. Folding


Another terrific portable phone stand is this foldable option. This foldable phone stand is about the size of a credit card (maybe a little thicker), and it’s got a simple print-in-place mechanism that allows the part to fold out, making for the perfect phone stand.

This phone stand will work with any phone, no matter its size, because all it’s doing is propping the device up. It even works with iPads and other tablets!

And while the phone stand offers no true adjustability, the lip of the phone stand allows you to position your phone in either a landscape or horizontal position. The latter is perfect for watching movies!

There are also three different sizes available for this phone stand, including a small (size of a credit card), medium, and large. All three work for phones, but the small or medium options make the most sense unless you also want to use the stand for holding a tablet.

And, as I mentioned, the foldable phone stand is completely print-in-place, so you won’t need to activate any supports or use any special slicer settings!

7. Physics


If you love physics or want a phone stand that will boggle people’s minds, then this next phone stand is for you! This phone stand is a tensegrity table that’s specifically meant for holding your mobile device.

The visually appealing assembly is made up of two 3D printed parts and some string. While assembling this phone stand will be a little more tricky than some of the other options on this list, it’s definitely worth it, given how cool it looks when it’s done!

As for compatibility, any phone should be able to fit on this phone stand as long as it’s skinny enough to fit in the lip. Also, because of the simplicity of this phone stand, you’ll be able to hold your phone in either a landscape or portrait orientation.

8. Flexi Turtle


Next, if you’re looking for a fun little phone stand, then I’ve found the one for you. This Flexi Turtle phone stand looks super cute and can hold any phone. Moreover, you can prop up your phone or tablet by placing it within the lip of the turtle’s feet.

The turtle is also flexible, and all of its arms move on a ball joint. But don’t worry about a difficult print because the model is print-in-place, so as long as you print it at a reasonable speed, the moving parts should work right off the print bed!

9. Hex Phone Sound Amplifier


Next, this Hex Phone Sound Amplifier is the perfect phone stand for anyone who loves to play music off their phone. You can place your phone in the stand by simply sliding it in the slot, and it should stay upright. Then, when you play music, the sound will be amplified due to the megaphone-like structure of the phone stand.

So, don’t even worry if you don’t have a Bluetooth speaker. This phone stand has got you covered!

10. Car Mount


Lastly, this car mount is a phone stand to hold your phone in a safe and convenient way while you’re driving. The phone stand has a quick-release mechanism that grabs your phone, no matter what size it is.

But, unlike the mechanical phone stand we discussed, this one is completely print-in-place. This means you only need to print one model for the entire mechanism, and it will work right off the print bed!

And, using the provided mount, you can attach this phone stand to the blades of the air conditioning fan in your car. It’s not the most secure phone mounting solution, but I’ve found that it works pretty well.

How to Print a Phone Holder?

3D printing a phone holder is no more difficult than printing any other 3D model. I suggest using your standard print settings for printing a phone holder because these prints don’t need to be very strong, and they don’t have a high amount of detail either.

If you don’t have a “standard” set of slicer settings, then open up your 3D slicer (e.g. Cura) and select the default slicing profile for your printer and the filament material you’re using. This typically includes a 0.2 mm layer height, a 20% infill density, and a print speed of 50-60 mm/s if you’re using PLA.

And, if you’re printing a model with a lot of big overhangs, then consider turning on supports. Otherwise, leave this setting turned off, as it can make printing a bit more difficult.

Will My Phone Fit?


Well, I guess it depends.

Most of the phone stands on this list are universal and work with basically any phone, whether it’s the latest iPhone or a less-popular Android device. But, before you print any of these phone stands, definitely check the description and pictures to see if it looks universal or fits your phone specifically.


If you need a phone stand, don’t waste your precious dough on one from Amazon. Instead, 3D print it!

3D printed phone stands don’t just save you money, but many are super unique. Some 3D printed phone stands have a special feature, like a mechanical quick-release, while others simply look really cool!

Of all the 3D printed phone stands I’ve seen, my favorite is this modular option. The stand works with phones, cameras, and other attachments. Additionally, there are many available and compatible attachments that allow you to customize how your phone is held, such as a tripod, articulating arm, and a table mount.

If you want a phone stand that’s a little more mobile, this keychain option and this foldable stand are both perfect!
Finally, if you just need a simple phone stand for leaving your phone while you’re working, then this simplistic option is the one for you!

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