7 Best 3D Printer Tables in 2024

If you’re looking for a table to put your 3D printer on, don’t just get any one from your nearest department store! As trivial as it may first sound, it’s important for you to invest in a high-quality table for your 3D printer. 

Having a sturdy, high-quality table for your 3D printer is just as important as the printer itself. 

In fact, the stability of your printer’s table is an important factor that determines print quality. Tables like the IKEA Lack or the 2×4 Basics Custom Workbench will provide you with affordable, simple, and sturdy table options for all your 3D printing ventures!

Does a 3D Printer Need a Sturdy Table?

If it’s not clear yet by now, yes, your 3D printer needs a sturdy table. 3D printers are bound to shake during the printing process. Having a sturdy table will help absorb and disperse the vibrations produced by the moving parts of the machine. In the long run, this also allows for the printer to work optimally. 

What’s the end result? 

Your printer will be quieter and your 3D prints will be smoother due to fewer artifacts and layer-shifting as there are no vibrations to interrupt extrusion. Keep reading and discover what makes a good 3D printing table!

What to Consider When Buying a 3D Printer Table

Considering the importance of a good 3D printer table, it’s obvious that purchasing the right one can be extremely beneficial. But don’t get too confused trying to find a table yourself! With thousands of available options, it’s important to take into account certain factors before deciding on your table. 

To help you out, we will cover factors like the stability, customizability, usable space, and footprint of each printer table.

Product Reviews

Having the right table for your 3D printer will not only make working on your 3D printing projects more convenient, but it can also improve print quality. Looking for a good place to put your printer? 

In the sections below, we’ve taken a look at what we think are the best tables for your 3D printer!

The IKEA Lack is well-known by many 3D printing enthusiasts and has the reputation of being a really good 3D printer table. The table comes at a great value for the price. 

The table’s dimensions are 22’’ x 22’’ x 18’’– perfect if you’re trying to optimize your space or if you don’t have a lot of space to spare. However, considering this, the table is smaller in comparison to other tables. 

Accounting for this, we recommend the IKEA Lack for small to average size printers. The amount of table space is more than enough to handle printers like the Prusa i3 MK3S+ or the Ender 3 V2, leaving enough space to fit the footprint of the 3D printer. 

The design of the table is simple. With only one shelf (a top-shelf), the table can hold up to 55 pounds!

The surface finish and overall table quality are great. The table has a pleasing, clean, and simple look– perfect for any 3D printer! Customers are able to choose from various color options from black, white, and even wood-colored finishes. 

A cool thing about this table is that you can use it to make your own DIY enclosure!! The table is very light in weight and you can easily stack them on top of each other with 3D printed mounts. By stacking the tables and adding hardware and plexiglass, you can construct the perfect enclosure.

Additionally, considering the table is wood, it’s easy to customize the table to your needs. You can easily add features to the IKEA Lack table. Features include but are not limited to, drawers, spool holders, or acrylic panels. 

Overall the IKEA Lack is an extremely sturdy table and is perfect if you are looking for something more affordable. However, there are some things to watch out for. When it comes to usable space, it cannot support larger printers.

Another thing to consider is the height of the table. Some people complain it’s too short and is a pain to bend over constantly. It’s important to consider this especially if you work with 3D printers often or professionally. 



The Fleximounts Workbench is reputed to be one of the most versatile workbenches. You can use it as anything from a study desk in your bedroom to a workspace in your garage– or if you’re reading this article, as a table for your 3D printer. 

This workbench is made up of a solid 1” rubberwood countertop and a sturdy steel frame. Assembly only takes about 30 minutes using a drill. All the hardware comes pre-packaged, labeled, and well organized. 

Manufactured with exceptionally high-quality materials, the workbench is a great buy for both the price and quality of the bench. You won’t have to question its sturdinesses given the bench’s heavy-duty steel legs. In fact, it can hold up to 3000 pounds! 

The adjustable legs of this workbench really make it stand out to us. These legs allow you to adjust the height to your liking. 

Additionally, the workbench is versatile in the sense that you can use it practically anywhere, and that you can customize it however you want! For example, some customers add casters to the bottom of the table to make moving it around easier.

If you are looking for a table with more storage options, this table may not be for you. The Fleximounts Workbench doesn’t offer storage options and only has one shelf. It does come with working drawers, however, there is not a lot of space in the drawers.

The desk overall spans a volume of 48” x 24” x 37.4”. This is plenty of space for any of your 3D printing projects as well as any additional tools you may need. While the desk does not come with a pegboard, many customers purchase one to place in front of their desk. 

Overall, this Fleximounts Workbench is a great option for anyone. Strong, simple to assemble, and great quality, what else do you need?



Next up, we have the Goplus Adjustable Workbench. Made with a bamboo top, this heavy-duty workbench is an eco-friendly option. This workbench also has a height adjustment feature with 15 different height settings, allowing you to find the ideal height to fit your needs!

The Goplus Adjustable Workbench is heavy and robust enough to resist the shaking and vibrations of large 3D printers. It’s very sturdy in structure as the workbench is supported by solid steel legs which can handle a range of projects. To put it in numbers, the table can support up to 1500 pounds!

In fact, if you’re clumsy like me and bump into things just as often, this table is perfect for you. You won’t have to worry about anything happening if you bump into this table as it will not shake.

And not only is it extremely sturdy, but there is also plenty of space on the table with the dimensions of 48” x 24” x 42”. With this amount of space, the table is large enough for multiple printers and items at a time. You will have more than enough space for your 3D printer and still have space for a desktop!!

Although the desk is spacious, there is not a lot of storage space for you. The desk does not come with any drawers and only comes with one shelf. So, if storage is an important component to you, this may not be the right desk for you.

Even better, this table is extremely simple to put together. You won’t have to spend hours on it. You can also adjust the height while assembling if you need to. 

Also, the table is adaptable to your needs (not only height adjustment). It is customizable. For example, customers say they drill the bamboo top to install a vice.

Once put together, it’s obvious to see the elegance of the table. You can use the table wherever you want– in your office or in your workshop or garage! It’s a sturdy workbench for all your 3D printing endeavors.



Next up we have the Seville Classics UltraHD Lighted Workbench. This workbench may be pricier than the previous table, but for a good reason… 

With its thick wooden surface and steel construction, the workbench’s top-tier quality is obvious. The Seville Classics UltraHD Lighted Workbench also has a handful of features.

The most obvious features are the pegboard, LED fluorescent lighting, and the drawers that come with the workbench. The features don’t just stop there though! The workbench also comes with a power surge protector with six power sockets and 2 USB plugs making it easy to plug in any 3D printer accessories and customize it in your own way.

Considering its extremely durable build quality, the table can hold up to 500 pounds with each drawer being able to hold 60 pounds. Additionally, this workbench has a wide desk surface giving it the flexibility to hold any printer. 

With a table space of 48’’ x 24’’ x 65.5’’, there is more than enough space for any type of 3D printer you own. Compared to the IKEA Lack, it is about 8x bigger in volume and leaves enough space to fit the footprint of printers. 

Additionally, the workbench is great for storing things given the pegboard and the drawers that come with the table. However, storage is limited. 

Seville Classics offers another really cool feature when purchasing the desk. On their website, you can view the table in 3D and also how it could look placed in your own room! 

Overall, the Seville Classics Ultra HD is one of the best 3D printer tables for anyone– whether you’re a beginner or an expert! Its extremely durable build quality does not fail to disappoint as the workbench is highly rated by customers for its stability, sturdiness, and quality. 



The Olympia Tools Multi-Purpose Workbench is not only perfect for small projects and storage, but also as a table for your 3D printer. This workbench offers you a large, sturdy workspace with plenty of options for hanging things out of the way of your 3D printing endeavors. 

What makes this workbench different from others?

With dimensions of 48” x 24” x 60”, the Multi-Purpose Workbench has plenty of room for up to two printers. It also holds a lot of storage for tools and accessories. Unlike the other tables we have talked about so far, this workbench has a top and bottom shelf. 

The table as a whole is made up of steel and comes with a composite wood table top. The 13-watt work lights along the top help with visibility and come in handy when working on projects. Along with the obvious peg board and drawers, the workbench comes with, you will also find built-in power outlets.

The main complaint from reviewers regarding this workbench is that it’s tedious to put together and install. Many reviews say it takes a minimum of 2 hours to put together. However, while it’s labor intensive, the workbench is relatively easy to assemble.

When it comes to sturdiness, it’s not the sturdiest but sturdy enough. The table won’t be rocking from side to side, but there is room for improvement. One tip is to make sure to tighten every screw and bolt as you go!!

For the price, this workbench is definitely worth the money as it’s cheaper in comparison to other workbenches. Considering the labor it requires, the assembly may play a huge role in why the workbench is so cheap. You are literally the labor cost that the manufacturer saves.

Bottom line: this is a simple, good, sturdy workbench that requires time and patience to assemble.



Just by looking at it, the Linsy Home End Table definitely stands out from the rest on our list. It is a simple, but an elegant table that takes up just enough space for your 3D printer!

While smaller in size (20.5” x 1.5” x 21.7”), the Linsy Home End Table comes with plenty of storage. Its 3-tier shelves make it unique, providing both storage and display for your items. The top and bottom shelves hold up to 29 pounds individually while the middle shelf can hold up to 16 pounds (74 pounds collectively).

The table’s assembly is very intuitive and the table itself is very simple to put together. It only takes about 15 minutes. With its metal frame and finish, the table has a stable structure making it extremely durable. 

The Linsy Home End table comes with other fun features that aren’t just limited to its multi-level storage. When purchasing, you have the option of 2 different colors for the table: wood or greige. Another plus, the table is waterproof! 

The table also has adjustable non-scratch/non-skid feet at the bottom which is a relief to your floors. However, these adjustable feet are probably about as customizable as you can get with a table. But that’s okay, given the adequate storage space. 

Some things to watch out for… If you plan to fit larger items on the bottom and middle shelves, make sure to carefully check the measurements before purchasing the desk. Also, be careful putting stickers or things like velcro strips on the table! It can damage and tear the finish. 

Overall, this table works perfectly as a 3D printer stand and is very functional. It’s affordable and inexpensive. And best of all, for the price, it has a great finish and is a perfect fit anywhere.



Finally, we have the 2×4 Basics 90164MI Custom WorkBench. If you are looking for something that you can fully customize, this is the perfect table for you!

You can make this desk into whatever you want based on the type of workbench you are looking for (basically like your very own DIY project!). Even before getting the desk, you can select from various options in the purchasing process to create your ideal 3D printer table.

The table comes with four workbench legs and six shelf links. These features give you the option of various settings to play around with to get the perfect table for any 3D printing setup of your choice.

With dimensions of 96” x 48” x 36”, the 2×4 Basics Custom Workbench comes with plenty of space for your projects. There are brackets on the tables which are made up of heavy gauge structural resin and can support up to 1000 pounds. 

Although overall sturdiness depends on how you build the desk, several reviews highlight the sturdiness and customizability features. This desk is great for amateurs as it is easy to assemble, and for anyone on a tighter budget. 




Obviously, there are many options for where you can put your 3D printer. But don’t just put your beloved machine down on any raised surface. The tables we’ve reviewed are the best of the best and should meet all your needs, including your budget.

But, for some more specific recommendations, I’d say go with the IKEA Lack enclosure. While it’s a little bit more intensive a build than the other tables, once you’ve assembled the tables with the corresponding 3D printable parts, it’s an excellent place to house your printer. Additionally, you can turn it into an enclosure to print high-temperature materials like ABS.

However, for a simpler option, the Seville Classics UltraHD Lighted Workbench is both ergonomic and easy to set up. The same goes for the custom 2×4 basics table we reviewed.

No matter which one you choose, though, we hope you enjoy your printing experience and we’ll always be here to help!

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