19 Best 3D Pen Ideas (Cool Things To Make with 3D Pen)

Thanks to technology, art has developed multiple mediums. One of these includes using a 3D pen.

After purchasing the device, you may not know where to begin or which project to start. Fortunately, our article covers lots of 3D pen ideas to spark your noggin.

You can create practical items such as a pen holder or drawer. Alternatively, you can free your imagination and create cool accessories and transportation models.

Stick around and we’ll give you some ideas to inspire your latest works with a 3D pen.

What Should I Make with My 3D Pen? 3D Pen Ideas

3D pen art is versatile. Whether it’s using a template or your steady hands, you can create all sorts of models.

1. Mobile Phone Stand

Source: Youtube Falco Fork

3D pen creations are not all for decorative purposes. For instance, you may want to create a practical mobile phone stand. Just because it’s practical doesn’t mean it can’t be creative.

You can use different colors and add diverse design extensions to make it stand out.

We recommend integrating the stand with a mini figurine or animal design as well. 3D pen templates for mobile phone stands come in various designs.

Aside from that, make sure to create an ergonomic design. For this reason, using ABS filament is better. The plastic filament is durable compared to other options and more heat-resistant.

Plus, ABS 3D pens squeeze out thicker lines, which is best for fast projects.

2. Keychain

Source: Youtube 3D Plastic Fantasy

Creating a 3D pen-printed keychain makes for meaningful presents and fun projects. You can opt for a complex design such as a three dimensions geometric design.

Alternatively, your child may have more fun drawing their favorite superhero logo. In addition, you can also create a key cover to go with your unique keychain design. You just need to draw over your keys to get the perfect fit.

3. Car

Source: Youtube Creative Channel

To engage your kids (or inner kid)  in sensory activities, create a toy car for them using your 3D pen. Once you show them how it’s done, they won’t stop making them until you eventually run out of plastic.

Drawing with a 3D pen will foster motor, coordination and creativity skills for the little ones. For this reason, a car obsession is a great opportunity to build these much-needed skills. Check out our related article on the best 3D pens for kids here.

4. Airplanes

Source: Youtube crazyPT

In line with the transportation theme, you can create an airplane model with your 3D pen. This model design is relatively challenging to complete. Subsequently, you can create the airplane and place it on your work desk or a display case.

You can design the airplane with extreme detail or follow a beginner’s template. If you want to think bigger, you can follow in the footsteps of Mathew Butchard, a British designer.

He decided to build a functional airplane with a 3D pen. Burchard used elaborate techniques and technology integrations.

5. Glasses

Source: Youtube CreateSpace Camp Pendleton

Among the things to make with a 3D pen are glasses. Search for a 3D pen stencil of glasses. You’ll find abundant options.

The good news is that 3D pen-made glasses are easy to create. All you have to do is draw three separate parts, the two temples, and the frame. Next, connect them with a glue gun or your 3D pen.

You can mismatch the colors of each part or customize the frame shape for a cat-eye style. Remember not to fold the glasses.

After completing your masterpiece, you can decorate the glasses. You can draw a few floral designs along the temples. Alternatively, some stars or hearts can take the glasses to the next level.

6. Pen Holder

Source: Youtube 3Dmate

Another practical 3D pen idea involves drawing a pen holder. If you want to make a simple box design, we suggest using a flat surface. Draw five sides with a steady hand and connect them using your trusty glue gun.

The project is best done using ABS filament since it’s a stronger option, plus it’s biodegradable. Be sure to use a mask or work outdoors since the material may release a chemical odor.

7. Animal Toys

Source: Youtube 5-Year Crafts

Rather than buy your child a toy, why not let them create their own? Luckily, there’s no shortage of instructional videos on how to create an animal toy using a 3D pen. You can browse through templates for toy cats, puppies, tigers, and more.

The best part is that this project caters to all skill levels. From an intricate sculpture of a fox to a simple shark design, 3D pens are flexible to suit your expertise.

Next time your kid begs you to buy a toy figurine, tell them to make it at home. Overall, this activity will unleash your child’s creativity.

8. Drawer

Source: Youtube 3Dmate

Want to try undertaking large projects? Well, this drawer might be your best bet. Making a drawer involves drawing on four squared paper templates to create the base of each side.

Once you fill in all the sides, you can glue them together until you have an open box shape. Next, draw out the drawer using the same technique but using a smaller-sized template. Finally, create your handle.

You could keep your accessories, charger, and other small items in the drawer. Make sure to use an ABS filament so the drawer lasts long.

9. Jewelry

Source: Youtube sandrartes

One of the first suggestions you’ll likely give your child when handing them the 3D pen is to create jewelry. You could create a myriad of designs that you can stick to your necklace, earrings, or bracelet.

Alternatively, you can draw a ring around your finger. It can feature an elegant rose design. Adding a few basic shapes and decorating them can go a long way to creating some eccentric jewelry.

For example, you can draw several circles inside each other and end up with your spin on hoop earrings.

Besides making jewelry, you can also make an accessory stand. That way, you get to keep your creative creations hanging in style.

Aside from that, dainty jewelry would work best with PLA filament. The material is thinner and easier to work with compared to ABS. Plus, it doesn’t emit a strong odor.

10. Decorations

Source: Youtube 5-Minute Crafts Tech

When it comes to 3D pen creations, the limit stops at your imagination. Rather than browse through multiple decorations, you can draw your exact vision. The best part is that you can save some moolah..

It could be as simple as making a mini-submarine for your aquarium. 

Additionally, you can create butterfly figures. Then, line them around your child’s mirror. It’ll make for an enticing enchanted forest theme.

Is it time for Halloween? 

Well, you can make a bunch of Jack-O-Lanterns and spiders to decorate your home with. Fortunately, you can find a lot of online inspiration for your next decoration ideas.

11. Famous Landmarks

Source: Youtube 3D pen works

If you want to wow your guests, then a 3D pen model of a famous landmark ought to do it. Nevertheless, crafting this project could prove highly challenging even to experienced crafters.

Apart from that, you can draw models like the London Eye, the Eiffel Tower, or even the Golden Gate Bridge.

These structurally complex shapes can take more than a few hours to make. You can find online guides to help you create these architectural models. They can rest on your living room display or your office desk.

12. Instruments

Source: Youtube AWESMR pop

For all you music fans out there, you can create your favorite instrument using a 3D pen. It could be an acoustic guitar, piano, drum set, and more.

You could even make a mini-band lineup. It’ll make for a meaningful gift to your music-loving friends. 

Each instrument varies in difficulty. For instance, an acoustic guitar is considerably difficult to create. The instrument’s hand involves a lot of focus. Plus, you may need to use excess plastic strings to add more dimension.

As for the drum set, you can use a tin can as your reference. Draw around the can to create the cylindrical shape then fill it in. Finally, create the stands and glue them all together. You’ll be left with a cool and jam-worthy drum set.

13. Dreamcatcher

Source: Youtube Koreawe Api

If you’ve been struggling with nightmares lately, then this 3D pen project is calling your name. Dreamcatchers are known to protect your dreams from evil spirits. At least, according to Native Americans.

Lucky for you, making a dreamcatcher using your trusty 3D pen will be easy. All you need is a template with your preferred design and you can trace it.

Once you’re done with the circle and feathers, connect them with filament strings. Hang it over your bed or somewhere in your room and say goodbye to all that bad juju.

14. Calendar

Source: Youtube 3DKIT

Keeping track of the date is more fun if you use a 3D pen model calendar. You can be counting down the days for a special event or holiday. Either way, your kids will religiously update the dates.

That said, you need to create three separate cubes for this project. Two of them will hold the number date, while the third will have the months written on them. Make sure to write two months on each side to accommodate all dozen of them.

When designing the calendar, we suggest using contrasting colors. You can make the cubes all white and write the date in any dark color. Aside from that, you can complement the calendar with a stand to hold it in place.

15. Customized Figurines

Source: Youtube 3Doodler

The world of fiction has brought us lots of favorite characters, from Pokemon’s Pikachu to Sonic the Hedgehog. Figurine projects are time-consuming. They also usually need an experienced hand, but they’re worth it in the end.

You get to display your favorite character on your work desk, living room, or even hang them somewhere.

You may notice the unappealing squiggly lines that appear when drawing the features. The good news is that you can carve them out. Nonetheless, you may not have a particularly favorite character. You can draw contemporary stick figures instead.

Once you’ve drawn the figure, create a little stand for them and glue them together. In the end, you’ll be left with a much more affordable figurine that can last you a lifetime.

16. Ships

Source: Youtube 3DKIT

Aside from cars and airplanes, you can also construct a ship with your 3D pen. It can be an organized structure fitted with straight edges and strict measurements.

Otherwise, you can build the ship with curvy lines. Plus, complement it with a little ocean waves design at its base. If you want to turn some heads, try fashioning the Flying Dutchman from Pirates of the Caribbean.

17. Coasters

Source: Youtube Develop Art

You might be hosting a special theme party and want everything to be perfect, including the coasters. That said, coasters are an effective way to bring out your theme. If you’re holding a tropical-themed event, you can make fruit-designed coasters.

Alternatively, you can create coasters that match your home decor. Geometric-styled coasters can work for modern houses.

18. Birdfeeder

Source: Youtube Crazyartline

Your summer project idea just arrived. Yes, we’re talking about birdfeeders. These little homes make for a worthwhile and meditative activity.

The project involves tracing 25 different pieces. You’ll need 5 parts for the base, 16 for the columns, and 4 for the roof. The template will guide you with the correct sizes.

Apart from that, you can choose between various color combinations. That way, your birdfeeder will pop and attract feeders.

19. Paper Clip Designs

Source: Youtube Creative World

Whether you’re an administrative worker or a classroom teacher, paper clips are a must. Sometimes things can get messy and paperwork ends up getting lost. For this reason, marking your paper clips can come in handy.

For instance, you can stick a clip with a mini sign that says “Marked” or “Unmarked.” It’ll save you a lot of time. In addition, you can spruce the clips with mini animal designs like ducks or dogs.

Bottom Line

One of the major highlights of using 3D pens is their affordability. The pen also expands your artistic expression. Additionally, the activity improves your child’s motor skills and yours as well. 3D pens have no age limit.

You can create anything with 3D pens. It could be any sort of transportation, toys, accessories, and calendars. As an added bonus your creations can substitute a lot of items, which save you money in the long run.

Now get drawing!

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