20 Highly Useful Things To 3D Print

3D printing is an incredible technology. And once you have started producing those intricate items, there’s no end to how creative you can get.

But that’s not all.

3D models are not just about letting your imagination run wild – but also about printing items that can be useful in daily life. 

So what are some of the most useful 3D items you can print?

We’ve created a list of some of the coolest things that you can 3D print. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, this is your chance to show off your creative skills.

Buckle up, let’s make a start…

Useful 3D Prints

1. Ambra Vase

Source: Youtube Kickass 3D Prints

If you’re looking for an elegant modern vase, this is a lovely 3D print to go for. The superb design captures the light reflection in subtle ways. 

It’s also simple to print as it can be printed without any support. Whether you want a special vase for your houseplant or a cool gift item, this will fit the bill perfectly.

2. Mechanical Planetarium

Source: Youtube Towero Mirth

For those who like to 3D print complex items, this  “Mechanical Planetarium” model by Zippitybamba is an excellent choice. 

Experienced users can use it to test the efficiency and tolerance levels of their printers. And once printed, it simply looks fantastic. 

Are you looking to impress the viewers or clients with your 3D prints? Get going with this STL file.

3. Tealight Holder

Source: Thingiverse Voidbubble

This tealight holder is the right choice when looking for some cool things to 3D print for your home. 

Simple but stylish, this creates the right play of light and shadow for the perfect ambiance. You can also choose different colors depending on the resin type to match them with your interiors. 

Light it up to watch the shadows play on the wall and create a mysterious setting.

4. Re-Spire

Source: Thingiverse 1sPiRe

Wearing a mask all day long can be extremely uncomfortable. 

One of the most useful things that you can 3D print is this Re-Spire. 

It’s a surgical mask “spacer” that’s designed to provide comfort while wearing a mask. 

It creates just the right amount of gap to help you breathe and talk easily. 

Make sure you don’t compromise your safety from coronavirus – using this one. 

5. Collapsible Dice Holder

Source: Youtube Adafruit Industries

This collapsible dice tower has been perfectly detailed to create an eye-catching 3D print. 

The stone pattern gives it a realistic touch. 

Also, you can print the individual pieces and then assemble the tower to sharpen your puzzle-solving skills. 

Check Thingiverse for the STL files for each layer.

6. Stand for Cotton Swab Sticks and Discs

Source: Youtube Max 3D Design

This well-designed stand for cotton swab sticks and discs is a utility item that can be easily printed. 

You can also print it in multiple colors to add a vibrant touch. It’s an excellent option for newbies to try out a useful 3D printing idea.

7. Dremel Bit Storage

Source: Youtube Eusonic Makes

This is a practical and handy accessory for organizing Dremel tool bits. The design ensures that each bit is visible and easily accessible.

This useful 3D print is also available in multiple sizes. You can print the 3D model without supports and using 20% infill will be the best choice.

8. Earbud Holder

Source: Thingiverse Sneakypoo

No matter how you handle them, earbuds tend to get tangled up pretty quickly. Here’s a unique earbud holder that’s on the useful and cool things to 3D print. 

The best thing about these things is they can close up and keep the earbuds fully protected. On the whole, this is one of those things you won’t want to be without.

9. WeatherBot

Source: Youtube DIY Machines

This is a useful 3D print project that works as your personal weather station. 

A WiFi-enabled, portable weather station that shows the current weather and also makes 4-day forecasts. 

The other features include the date, time, and even the moon-phases. Quite simply, this is one of the best 3D printing ideas you can try out.

10. Anti-Gravity Planter

Source: Youtube DDSCLL

What about something unique but easy enough to print for newbie users of a 3D printer? 

The whole design looks gorgeous and perfect as a tabletop plant house for your succulents. 

The planter comes with two bases that can be easily assembled. The printing time is on the smaller side, making it an excellent pick for first-time 3D printer users.

11. Lego Man Holder

Source: Thingiverse VVK187

This is something perfect for hardcore Lego fans. 

At the same time, you’re not going to find a toilet holder with more pazzazz! 

The bright Lego colors will brighten up your mood whenever you answer nature’s call! 

The printing is simple, and you can use the dual suction cups to place it in the right place.

12. Impossible Table

Source: Youtube 3dSubzwari

This unique hanging tabletop is one of the funkiest 3D printed objects that you can try out. 

What makes it unique? 

The table is balanced by tensile forces instead of compressive ones.  

The structural principle used here is called tensegrity. So it looks like its suspended from thin air! 

You can use it to hold some lightweight things or houseplants.

13. Jar Opener

Source: Thingiverse Ivanyim

There are plenty of plastic containers that are difficult to open with bare hands. 

This is a convenient tool that makes your work super straightforward. 

Now, you can easily open yogurt, or margarine without making a mess. It also has a sharp edge that can use to cut through plastic seals. 

Printing is straightforward, and it’s a great way to start your 3D printing journey.

14. A Fully Working 3D Printed Wrench

Source: Youtube ScienceMadeFunner

This is a useful 3D printable tool that you can start using straight out of the printer. 

You get two versions of this 3D print – one with a 0.55mm gap between the moving parts and the other with a 0.35mm. 

If you like to work on mechanical parts, this is the perfect choice to improve your 3D printing skills.

15. Piggy Bank

Source: Youtube TIM

If you’re looking for a simple object to test your new 3D printer, this piggy bank is an excellent choice. 

The simple article is perfect to use or to pass on as a gift. 

The print can also run free of support, making it the ideal fix item to try out for first time users of 3D printers.

16. Mini Sanding Block

Source: Youtube Valera Perinski

This is a useful 3D print that any enthusiast will love to use. 

You can use it to store all varieties of sandpaper for your various DIY projects. 

The assembly is pretty simple and doesn’t require any tools. 

You’ll just need an M3 Panhead screw and a nut. Also, you can adjust the scale to increase the sandpaper surface area.

17. iPhone Cable Protector

Source: Thingiverse Mmachado

Finding it hard to prevent the Apple lightning cables from getting bent at the joining end with the connector? 

Take a look at this useful and straightforward 3D print. It’s easy to print but incredibly effective to prevent damage at the stress points – definitely, one of the most useful 3D prints to try out.

18. Dunk Your Oreo Perfectly

Source: Thingiverse Tmorris9

This cookie dipping fork will help you to enjoy your cookie just how you like it. 

While this is a simple 3D print, do make sure that the print material is safe for use with food.

19. LED Lamp

Source: Youtube Breaks’n’Makes

This is a super useful 3D print that should be high on your 3D print list. With the light but sturdy build, you can place it on your desktop or carry it along in your backpack.  

In addition, it also includes a simple circuit diagram that makes it the perfect DIY project.

20. Refrigerator Storage Box

Source: Thingiverse Etutam

Looking for more useful 3D prints for around the house? 

Here’s a refrigerator storage box that comes with multiple parts. 

A simple design that allows you to add a bit of extra space to your refrigerator. 

Once printed, these can be easily glued together and used for storage.

Conclusion: Things To 3D Print With Your 3D Printer

These are some of the most useful and cool things to 3D print – in our opinion.

But frankly, this is just the tip of the iceberg – your imagination is the only limit.

There are numerous other creative opportunities that can come your way when you print 3D.

As 3D prints keep transforming traditional manufacturing processes, it’s time for you to try out this new method of production – at home.

So what are you waiting for?

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