7 Best Sparkle & Glitter Filaments in 2024

glitter 3d print girlIf you want to add some pizzazz to your 3D-printed projects, you need the best sparkle filament. Many manufacturers claim they’re offering a quality product, but you end up ruining your prints and possibly even damaging your printer’s nozzle.

The best sparkle filaments are strong and attractive, allowing you to create durable and unique prints. You don’t want to end up with a lackluster item when you depend on the sparkle to bring it to life. You also don’t want a sparkly print that falls apart when you remove it from the printer.

Best Sparkle Filaments At A Glance

Buying filament from trusted brands is the way to ensure you’re going to be proud of your results. Understanding what you need from sparkle filament helps you look for these key things: quality, sparkle, and durability. 

We tested the sparkle filament on the market to compile our list of the top seven options.

Fillamentum is a big name in 3D printing, creating some top filaments. They manufacture flexible, biodegradable, and clear filaments. They’re known for the lack of layer lines in finished products, so your glitter is sure to dazzle the eye with your prints.

The filament comes in 0.75 kg rolls of 1.75 mm PLA. To get the best results from Fillamentum Extrafill PLA, heat your nozzle to 220℃ (428℉), plus or minus ten degrees according to your specific printer and the intended results. You should heat the bed to 55℃ (131℉) to ensure a stunning print, but it’s unnecessary if your printer doesn’t have one.

The glitter is fine and perfectly integrated into the filament, so it won’t clog your nozzle. The filament prints like any other option, but you’ll see the sparkle in the final product. This option is best for everyone because it’s reliable and creates smooth results.



Hatchbox is a popular brand for 3D printing filaments because they provide excellent quality. Their sparkle filament contains actual pieces of glitter, so your final products have an intense shine. The glitter dazzles you, while the filament has the same overall satin finish that makes Hatchbox one of the best.

They sell the sparkle PLA as a 1 kg spool of 1.75 mm glitter filament. It has a dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.03 mm. The recommended nozzle temperature is 180℃ to 210℃, or 356℉ to 410℉. Like other Hatchbox filaments, their sparkle line has no odor and doesn’t require a heating bed. The colors print as vibrant as they are on a roll.

You can use this sparkle filament for any project, but it looks incredibly stunning for artistic products, phone accessories, holiday ornaments, and toys for children. It’s best for people who want a reliable filament to print without needing oversight.



Proto-Pasta HTPLA is a stiff filament laden with glitter for a sparkle you won’t believe. Your nozzle should be around 190℃ to 230℃, or 374℉ to 446℉. You don’t need a heated bed, but the filament can handle up to 70℃ or 158℉.

This option from Proto-Pasta is a heat treat PLA, so if your print seems unstable or didn’t form quite right, you can put it in the oven to strengthen it and fix mistakes from the printing process. You don’t have to scrap a project and start over because you can work with what you’ve got.

The manufacturer sells various filaments, including recycled options, wood fibers, fluorescent PLA, and translucent spools. When you see the quality of their diverse offerings, you’ll understand why they rated highest for best glitter. Anyone who wants an attention-grabbing print will want to use Proto-Pasta HTPLA.



FilamentOne Premium PLA PRO Select Glint has glitter and a metallic sheen. This combination of eye-catching effects means you won’t see the layer lines on your prints, giving you sleek finished products. Anyone who wants to make something stunning or delicate will appreciate FilamentOne’s sparkle filament.

Use a nozzle temperature of 205℃ to 225℃ (401℉ to 437℉) for best results. Your heat bed should be 55℃ to 65℃, or 131℉ to 149℉. You get a 1 kg roll of 1.75 mm filament at the most affordable price on this list. Even if you’re a printer on a budget, you can try several different colors of FilamentOne without breaking the bank.

Along with striking sparkles, you’ll appreciate the durability of this filament. For such an affordable product, you might expect brittle PLA. However, FilamentOne’s products don’t warp and are easy to print, making this option the best value.



The ideal nozzle temperature for ZIRO PLA is 190℃ to 220℃, or 374℉ to 428℉. The heat bed should range between 50℃ to 60℃ (122℉ to 140℉). The filament choices are beautiful and include black, purple, green, blue, and red hues. 

You can choose a diamond finish or twinkling option depending on if you want more shine or glitter. The diamond option has an opaque background, so you see the shimmer. The twinkling filament is translucent to allow the glitter to pop.

The variety of color and finish choices makes ZIRO stand out, but it’s also the easiest to print. While most sparkle filaments won’t clog your nozzle, you might have to turn up the heat to ensure everything comes out smoothly. ZIRO never clogs standard nozzles, so beginners can easily print stunning sparkly products.



ERYONE PLA has a +/- 0.03 mm tolerance, creating impressive accuracy for your prints. One spool gives you 1 kg of 1.75 mm filament. When printing, your nozzle should be 190℃ to 220℃, or 374℉ to 428℉.

The manufacturer recommends you use a hardened steel nozzle for this filament. Since many of the options on this list use standard nozzles, needing a special one can be a downside.

Printers creating detailed products will appreciate the accuracy of ERYONE Sparkly Glitter Shining PLA Filament. You can make small items like delicate jewelry or art pieces. You won’t see line layers due to the stunning sparkles in this option.



Designers who want to use the same filament for many different prints will want to use Polymaker Glitter PLA Filament for its versatility. The 1 kg spool of 1.75 mm sparkle filament works on more 3D printers without needing a special nozzle.

Heat your nozzle to 190℃ to 230℃, or 374℉ to 446℉ for best results. Users with nozzles smaller than 0.6 mm noticed some clogs, but anything larger is smooth sailing.



What Is Sparkle Filament?

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Sparkle filament contains glitter, so every piece you print will have sparkle. You don’t have to polish your products because the glitter is in the filament. Since it’s inside the filament, you don’t have to worry about pieces of glitter clogging your printer’s nozzle. It prints just like other filaments, but your final result sparkles.

The filament has a shiny surface to add even more sparkle to your finished print. Since the glitter is in the filament and the shine is on the surface, sparkle filament prints like any other PLA you’d use in your 3D printer. It looks excellent for phone accessories, jewelry, decorative art pieces, ornaments, and toys.

You can buy sparkle filament from multiple brands in various sizes to best suit your 3D printer. There are countless colors available, so you can always find a glitter option to add pizzazz to your print. While the nozzle temperatures and heated beds typically match other filament types, you’ll want to double-check the specifications before each print.

Many sparkle filaments boast no layer lines in your final print, but the shine also helps. When you have a stunning, sparkling product, no one will notice layer lines. They’ll love the shimmer and take in the overall brilliance of your print.

How To 3D Print Sparkle Filament

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Since sparkle filament has glitter embedded in the product, you can print it just like any other type of filament. Each option has instructions regarding the best nozzle temperature; some need a heated bed, but many don’t. You also don’t need to worry about glitter clogging your nozzle since the manufacturer adds it inside the filament strands.

Most sparkle filament on this list uses nozzle temperatures ranging from 180℃ to 230℃, or 356℉ to 446℉. You can raise the heat by ten degrees if your filament seems brittle. The additional degrees keep it fluid enough for ideal printing, eliminating layer lines in the final product. 

Before you buy sparkle filament for your next print job, double-check the specifications from the manufacturer. Some filaments are one color, and the glitter is another. This slight difference in shades can add depth and interest to your print, but you should know what you’re getting.

For example, Fillamentum Extrafill’s Vertigo Galaxy looks dark gray overall. However, the filament is a deep olive green, and the glitter is gold. Together, these shades give a dark gray aesthetic. The variation in colors means your prints will look more like natural, sparkly stone than if the filament and glitter were gray or silver.

Uses of Sparkle Filament

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You can use sparkle filament just like any other type of filament on your 3D printer. The filament has glitter embedded into the product, so it won’t clog your nozzle. If you ever notice that the filament is a bit brittle, you can raise the temperature of the printer nozzle by about ten degrees to heat it enough for a smooth print.

Sparkle filament looks excellent for any art print. You can make glittery sculptures that resemble diamonds, gems, and dazzling marble. You can also use sparkle filament to create design pieces for your home, like flower vases or attention-grabbing picture frames.

Many 3D printers prefer to use sparkle filament for phone accessories. You’ll not only create a custom case for your device, but it will have glitter embedded to make your print stand out even more. The shiny finish and glitter also make sparkle filament ideal for jewelry. Print stunning earrings, bracelets, and pendants with sparkle filament to create durable, polished wearable art.

Because of the light-hearted aesthetic associated with sparkle filament, many people use it to create holiday decorations. You can make shiny Christmas ornaments, bright New Year’s Day stars, and shimmery spooky skulls for Halloween.


The best overall sparkle filament is Fillamentum Extrafill PLA. The manufacturer produces top-notch, strong filament that prints durable, shiny products. You’ll love this option for art, jewelry, decorative items, and fun prints.

The brands included in this review are some of the most popular in the 3D printing industry, so you can’t go wrong with their products. Whether you’re looking for a filament with the highest glitter content or one that works with any printer, you’ll find the right choice. Choose a sparkle filament from this list and see how it elevates your prints into works of art.

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